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    Antique Restoration Masters, LLC
"Old World quality for New World needs"

    At Antique Restoration Masters, we believe that your antiques deserve the best quality work they can possibly get. The kind of quality that is achieved through years of experience combined with knowledge and expertise of the subject.

     Our European master craftsman is a highly experienced in the area of furniture and fine art restoration. For your satisfaction, the quality work is performed promptly and professionally, yet attention to detail or quality is never sacrificed. No matter how big or small a job, you can rest assure knowing it will be given all the attention it needs.  Our talented expert has 20+ years of experience and is very skillful, always proficient and no doubt higlhy talented. An artist himself, he understands perfectly what it means to go any distance to restore the furniture or fine art to its original condition. Using old world techniques, often forgotten in our modern times, he is able to refinish and restore antiques beautifully. So whether your antiques have been damaged in a move, or simply by the elements due to age, we can help you restore them and bring them back to life. 

    What sets us apart? We are a family owned and operated business. We pay attention to details and care about our client's items as if they were our own. We use only quality, professional grade materials, and we don't skimp on them either. We strip items by hand only (no dipping in tanks which causes damage to furniture joints and veneer). We believe in quality work and we have set high standards for ourselves to follow. In modern world, where often times work is rushed and projects are done just to pass as "good enough", we are dedicated to take the time and to work on our projects the right way - for that "wow" effect. We listen to our customers' needs and often times provide suggestions as to the best route to proceed with in order to achieve the desired effect. We believe in doing things "the right way, or no way at all", and we choose quality over quantity any day. We strive to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction and the best compliment we can receive is a referral of us to their friends and family, as well as having them as repeat clients. We also provide many extensive services for a large scope of antique restoration needs that are not provided by any other business (most other places are just refinishing shops that work solely with wood).  We work not only with furniture, but also with paintings, sculptures, frames, mirrors and decorative arts. We have worked on vintage barber chairs, cash registers, wagons, juke boxes, Victrolas,  brass hardware,  steamer trunks, marble statues, ceramic figurines, vintage toys, metal signs, Coca-Cola memorabilia, neon sign, coffee grinders, riffles, swords, classic cars wooden trims and other interesting and unique items. 

Please visit our "services" section to learn more about all the different services we can perform. We look forward to talk to you and discuss your particular case.

​Please note:  
We DO NOT offer welding, soldering, plating, upholstery or electrical services. 
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